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Online Course Resource-Writing a paper: Module 5- Introduction

In previous modules, we have looked at choosing words, constructing effective sentences and effective paragraphs. In this module, we will look at constructing an effective introduction for your research manuscript.

Writing the Introduction

Journal Club: High prevalence of cervical perineural cysts on cervical spine MRI-Case series

CITATION: Gossner J. High prevalence of cervical perineural cysts on cervical spine MRI. Int J Anat Var. 2018;11(1): 18-19.

The Cervical perineural (Tarlov) cysts have been reported to be a rare occurance. The frequency, distribution and possible clinical relevance of such perineural cyst in the cervical spine were studied. In a retrospective review of
41 patients undergoing cervical spine MRI 6 patients showed perineural cysts (14%). Size ranged from 4 to 12 mm and the lower cervical was predominantly affected. The reported clinical symptoms could not be correlated to the found perineural cysts. Cervical perineural cysts seem to be a common asymtomatic incidental finding. The rare diagnosis of a symptomatic perineural cyst should be made with caution and is a diagnosis of exclusion.


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Journal Club: From Inguinal Hernias to Spermatic Cord Lipomas: Pearls, Pitfalls, and Mimics of Abdominal and Pelvic Hernias

Citation: Miguel C. Cabarrus, MD, Benjamin M. Yeh, MD, Andrew S. Phelps, MD, Jao J. Ou, MD, PhD, Spencer C. Behr, MD. RadioGraphics 2017; 37:2063–2082.

Abdominal and pelvic hernias may be indolent and detected incidentally, manifest acutely with pain and distress, or cause chronic discomfort. Physical examination findings are often ambiguous and insufficient for optimal triage. Therefore, accurate anatomic delineation and identification of complications are critical for effective treatment planning. Imaging, particularly computed tomography, provides a vital understanding of the hernia’s location and size, involved viscera, and severity of associated complications. Reader familiarity with the imaging appearances and anatomic landmarks of hernias is important for correct diagnosis, which may impact preoperative planning and reduce morbidity. This article reviews the appearance of anatomic structures in the abdominal wall and pelvis that are important for diagnosing common and uncommon abdominal and pelvic hernias, and it highlights key imaging features that are helpful for differentiating hernias, mimics, and their complications.

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Online Course Resource: Writing a Paper (Module 4)- Paragraphs

Sharing a resource on the construction of effective paragraphs. A manuscript is a collection of paragraphs and writing effective paragraphs with effective transitions between paragraphs add value to the manuscript.

Construct Effective Paragraphs

Online Course Resource: Writing a Paper (Module 3)-Sentences

In this module, we present a resource on the construction of effective sentences. Effective sentences add value to the message of a manuscript. Effective sentences build on a strong relation between words.

Construct Effective Sentences

Online Course Resource: Writing a Paper (Module 2)-Words

In the previous module, we looked at the basic pillars of good writing. In this module, we share a presentation on a basic building block of good papers- the use of appropriate words appropriately.


Online Course Resource: Writing a paper (Module 1)-Pillars of Good Writing

Sharing a presentation that lays out the pillars of good writing as part of the online course resource on writing a scientific paper.

Basic Pillars of Good Writing