President's Page

Dr. M. C. J. Prakash – President, IRIA Kerala

Honourable president of National IRIA Prof Dr. C. Amarnath, Honourable Vice Chancellor Dr. K. Mohanan, Dr. Amel Antony, Governing Council Member ICRI, Dr. M. R. Balachandran Nair, President of the host branch, Dr. Rijo Mathew, Secretary General of IRIA Kerala, Teachers and dear friends.
I am very happy to take over the charge as President of Kerala State branch of  IRIA. I sincerely thank each and every member for bestowing faith in me. Many of the esteemed members emailed / called / whatsapped me to take charge at the earliest to restore normalcy. I am overwhelmed by the response of well meaning civilized Radiology colleagues. So I assumed charge and felicitations poured in extending support and building confidence in me. I am taking up this mission imbibing the true spirit of the Radiology community and solemnly affirm to uphold the democratic principles enshrined in the constitution of our state and National IRIA.

We are very proud of our state branch, which contributed to the National Leadership pool like Mohanan sir, Amelji, Pradeepji, Rijoji, to name a few. We are blessed with the presence of Eminent, Teacher, Radiologist Prof. C. Amarnath, our National President and our own Prof. Dr. K. Mohanan, to grace this occasion. My dear friends, I am extending you a warm welcome and thanks for accepting our invitation on my own behalf and on behalf of Kerala state IRIA, leaders and members present here and online.
For the first time in the history of  IRIA Kerala, we have successfully conducted an election with enthusiastic participation of most of our members. I congratulate the Election Officer Dr. Govindan Nair, a very senior member who boldly faced all adversities, including intervention of Court. Unfortunately, because of the actions of very few members the elected state council is not able to take charge today. I hope that better sense will prevail and everything will be sorted out very soon.

I have already initiated many programs and projects with the active participation  of members from different parts of our state. Constitution reforms, & disciplinary action committee, is my top priority. Antiquakery PCPNDT & related problems come next. Academic programmes and Turf erosion comes in the pecking order. The strength of the association depends on the number of active members. We will strive hard with the support of all especially city chapters to enroll more youngsters.

We plan to actively promote central schemes like Social security, Professional Indemnity etc. Raksha and Smraksahan are in our top priority zone.

Once again I thank each and every member of the Radiology community and earnestly request active participation and support to move on in these challenging times.

I thank the Kochi chapter who meticulously organized this event especially its veteran President Colonel Prof. Balachandran Nair and dynamic Secretary Dr. Ramesh Shenoy

Dr. M. C. J. Prakash
President IRIA Kerala