Report on the minutes of the IRIA Kerala state 

Report on the minutes of the IRIA Kerala state
Annual GBM 2019  at Kumarakom held on 17th March 5pm.
1.Silent Prayer.
2.Welcome & Presidential Address.
3.Report of the General Body Meeting held on 28th  October 2019at Kochi.
4.Annual Report of activities 2018-19
5.To present and pass the Accounts of Annual State conference 2018 at Kozhikode.
6.To present and pass the accounts of Midterm conference,2018 Kochi.
7.To present and pass the pending clarifications on  Annual Accounts 2017-18.
8.To present and pass the Annual Accounts 2018-19.
9.To decide the venue of Midterm conference 2019 and Annual conference 2020.
10.Land purchase Committee report to be presented by Dr.M.R.Balachandran Nair.
11.IREP(IRIA Resident Education Program)2019, Kochi
12.To elect office-bearers for the year 2019-20.
13.Any other matters with the permission of chair
14.Vote of thanks
28 members attended the GBM.
1.Meeting was called to order after silent prayer .
2.President gave the welcome address.
3.Secretary read the report of the GBM held at 28th October 2019 at IMA House,Kochi.The important points of the executive committee meeting held at Amala Medical college on the issue of Six months Training and Comptency Based Test for non Radiologists were  briefed. Secretary read the relevant parts of the minutes of emergency executive committee meeting held on December 16th2019. .Dr.Varadaraj and Dr.Rajendran were entrusted to collect the fee paid Rs.20000/ to Adv.Rameshan Nambisan as the case was not filed so far.The minutes were discussed and confirmed.
4..The annual report of  activities for the year 2018-19 was presented by the Secretary .IRIA Kerala enrolled 102 membersin 2018-19.Kottayam city chapter was formed and registered.There are three registered city chapters in Kerala, namely Kochi, Trivandrum and Kottayam.Thiruvalla,Kozhikode,Kollam, Thrissur and Alleppey  Radiology clubs were urged to register as city chapters.The house congratulated Dr.Ramesh Shenoy , the Webmaster and Joint Secretary for the new website of IRIA Kerala which received 26000 visitors and 1,26000 hits during the year.The house congratulated Secretary Dr.Rijo Mathew for the ectrnsive activities in the state during 2018-19 and for being selected as the Outstanding State Secretary for the year by the National IRIA.
(The detailed report is uploaded in the IRIA Kerala Website in the Secretary’s page.)
5.The of accounts Annual State Conference2018 held at Kozhikode was presented by Dr.Rajesh.There was a total revenue of 10,58500/against the expenses of Rs.788846/.As there is an unrealised amount of Rs.1.5lakhs from Wipro GE ,Dr.Rajesh informed that he will present the cheques for State profit share and completed accounts later.
6..Accounts of Midterm CME held at Kochi was presented by Dr.Ramesh Shenoy and a cheque of Rs.17235/ as profit share for the state was handed over.The house congratulated Kochi chapter President Dr.M.R.Balachandran  Nair  and Secretary Dr.Ramesh Shenoy for their efforts.
7.Annual accounts for the year 2017-18 which was not passed in the earlier GBM for further clarifications on certian heads were presented by the then Secretary Dr.Manoj Pillai and was passed.
8.The annual accounts for the year 2018-19 was presented and passed.
9.Kollam chapter was alloted to conduct the  the midterm conference 2019.It was decided to give Thrissur the first preference to conduct Annual conference 2020 and in case they are not prepared Kochi informed the house that they shall conduct the Annual conference.
10.Dr.Balachandran Nair,Dr.Ramesh Shenoy and Dr.Amel Antony presented their report for land for IRIA Kerala House in central Kerala in and around Kochi.
There was no decision on the purchase of land after discussion.Dr.Shenoy was entrusted to seek the possibility of build up space at IMA House as they had plans for expansion.
11.Secretary informed the house that IRIA Kerala has been alloted the first IREP at IMA House Kochi.Secretary and Kochi chapter officebearers were entrusted to plan and execute the event.
13.Dr.Varadarajan took up any other matters with the permission of chair begore the scheduled number in the agenda to elect office-bearers for the ywar 2019-20.President Elect and Secretary pointed out the error in order several times.President ignored their  reminders and continued to proceed with  any other matters with the permission of chair.
President informed the house that he wants to raise objections on Fetal National Radiology Conference held at Kochi in September 2018 during the National Presidentship of Prof.Dr.K.Mohanan.Secretary informed the house that he was the National Coordinator for Fetal Radiology CME and as per the wish of the National President from Kerala ,he had sought the support of IRIA Kerala President Dr Varadarajan.He denied support citing the financial commitments.It was at this juncture Dr.Rijo Mathew as National Coordinator sought the support of IRIA Kochi chapter who readily took up the responsibility and conducted the event in the best manner at Grand Hyatt,Kochi  as it is remembered as the landmark event that established Fetal Radiology in the country.Dr.Rijo Mathew informed that there was no financial assistance from State IRIA and National IRIA for the event.Dr.Varadaraj had verbal duel with IRIA National President and Kochi officebearers .The matter was not discussed further as the house felt the explanations from National Coordinator of Fetal Radiology and National President was absolutely clear  on the sequence of events. Dr.Amel Antony opined that the President without taking up the responsibility to conduct the conference on behalf of state  IRIA has malafide intent to raise the issue now to target National President Dr.Mohanan .
The suggestion by President not to have a GBM in midterm CME was accepted by the house as the midterms usually were a one day event.
Dr.Govindan Nair a member from Thrissur gave a detailed account of an issue he had with M/s Philips Company . The ultrasound machine purchased by the said doctor was given for service and the company cheated byvreplacing hard disc and other spare parts from a second hand machine from another hospital instead of using original spare parts for which he was billed.There is an existing case against Philips in this regard.The case is under the condideration of Court.
He appealed to the GBM to blacklist Philips company to create awareness regarding such fraudulent practice shown by some companies in purchase, maintenance and service of medical equipments.
The house decided to pass a resolution to blacklist Philips company and entrusted Secretary to do the needful.
12.To elect Office-bearers for the year 2019-20.
Dr.Amel Antony was declared the Election officer.
The following members were elected unanimously.
  Dr.Gomathy Subramaniam proposed by Dr.Rijo Mathew and seconded by Dr.Sandeep was elected as Vice President.
Dr.Venugopal.M.from Trichur  proposed by Dr. Rijo Mathew and seconded by Dr.Rajendran was elected as Vice President.
Dr.Sureshbabu proposed by Dr.Rijo Mathew and seconded by Dr.Manoj Pillai was elected as Treasurer.
Following members were unanimously elected as State Executive Committee members
Dr.Jossy Verghese
Dr.Vinod Sukumaran
Dr.Gigo George
Elections were conducted for the following posts .
Dr.Jayasree proposed by Sandeep and seconded by Varadaraj got 15 votes against Dr.M.C.J.Prakash proposed by Dr.M.R.Balachandran Nair and seconded by Dr.Harikumaran Nair who got 13 votes.Dr.Jayasree was declared elected as President Elect 2020-21.
There were ballot Elections for the posts of  4 Central council members.
Dr.Harikumaran Nair proposed by Dr.Mohanan and secondef by Dr.M.C.J.Prakash got 20 votes.
Dr.V.R.Rajendran proposed by Dr.Varadaraj and seconded by Dr.Manoj Pillai got 20 votes.
Dr.Sandeep proposed by Dr.Varadaraj and seconded by Dr.Rajesh got 19 votes.
Dr.Manoj.Pillai proposed by Dr.Rijo Mathew and seconded by Dr.Jayasree got 19 votes.
Dr.M.R.Balachandran Nair proposed by Dr.Rijo Mathew and secondef by Dr.Venugopal got 18 votes.
Dr.Rajesh.K.proposed by DrVaradaraj and seconded by Dr.Rajendran got 14 votes.
Dr.Harikumaran Nair ,Dr.V.Rajendran,Dr.Sandeep.T.K and Dr.Manoj Pillai was declared elected as central council members.
There being nothing further to discuss the meeting was dispersed after the vote of thanks by Secretary.
15th April 2019