Dr Bejoy Thomas, Thiruvananthapuram

Dr. Bejoy Thomas is a neuroradiologist in SCTIMST, Thiruvananthapuram, with special interest in paediatric neuroradiology and functional neuroimaging.

He likes to paint whenever he gets time. Other hobbies include digital photography, singing and reading. Though he used to do only pencil drawings during his formative years, he only recently discovered that he could paint too! Admittedly a self-taught artist, he considers oil paintings to be the best, but also paints with acrylic paints and watercolours too.

He often paints on Sunday afternoons, typically finishing a canvas in a three-hour stretch. Sometimes, when he finds it hard to get time due to the workload, he reverts back to quick watercolours.

He has done some 25 paintings in the last two years or so, three of which have have got published in the esteemed American Journal or Roentgenology (AJNR) Perspectives, with three more due to get published soon.

His wife is an ophthalmologist at Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram, and both sons are students.

His works are beautifully-themed, capturing the essence of moments in a rich array of colours. These are a few of his pieces. Delightful to the eye and mind of the observer.

– Dr. Maggie Xavier