Minutes of the General Body Meeting – 28th Mar 2021

Minutes of the General Body Meeting of IRIA Kerala State Chapter held on 28th March 3 pm at Jubilee Auditorium, Trivandrum Medical College in Hybrid mode.
Dear members of IRIA Kerala,
There were 40 members who attended onsite and 20 members online.
President welcomed the members and informed the house that the major agenda of the meeting are Elections.
Secretary read the National IRIA guidelines for the conduct of Election for officebearers for the year 2021 – 22 .The guidelines are as follows
1. As per constitution, each state chapter must conduct their annual election from December to March of every year and inform the Central Office, IRIA by 30th April along with the proceedings of the Election, failing which the State / UT chapter would be debarred from the membership of the Central Council of IRIA.
 In view the safety and concerns of members due to COVID – 19, it may not be possible for the State / UT chapters of IRIA to conduct meetings and hold elections in mass gathering programs in time. Therefore, IRIA Headquarters has  decided to extend the last date of receipt of election results from the State / UT chapters at IRIA HQ for one month i.e. from 30th April to 30th May 2021 due to unprecedented situation because of spread of COVID – 19 and necessary guidelines issued by State/Centre Govt. on this matter.
2. In accordance with the guidelines provided by National IRIA ,it was  decided that the matters related to e-voting and election process may be put up in the GBM of the state / UT chapter and take necessary decision to do the needful.
3. After calling nominations as per Rules and Bye Laws, if there is consensus and all posts are elected unopposed, then election process is complete, and the respective state chapter shall intimate the new elected office bearers to the IRIA HQ.
4. If there is no consensus and election is to be held, then it can be held as per rules and bye laws of the state chapter and decision of the GBM of the state chapter.
5. The posts which have been elected unopposed or already elected like President Elect, shall be allowed to take over as per bye laws 9 (e) and 39 (A).
6. If no nominations are received for any post, then the current office bearers will continue till next communication from IRIA HQ in this unprecedented situation.
7. If only few nominations are received for the posts, then the posts in which there are no nominations may be filled with the current office bearers till next communication from IRIA HQ. This is one time measure in unprecedented situation due to COVID – 19.
8. If there is no nomination for the post of President Elect, then the election of this post can be held in December in next election of the state chapter.
Secretary informed that the floor is open to discussion and suggestions.
Dr. Manoj Pillai argued for consensus as practised earlier as the interested members to hold office will be limited in number.
Dr. Amel Antony argued that elections are essential for the democratic process in an organisation for it to be vibrant and dynamic in function.
Dr. Vinod Sukumaran said Elections will give representations for all city chapter representatives an equal chance to be in the state executive.
Dr. Amith Itty supported the conduct of elections
Dr. Rajesh M. G. said that consensus often leads to incompetent sharing the posts of office.
Dr. Gigo George and
Dr. Gomathy were also of the opinion that elections were essential to bring in more member involvement in the matters of the association.
Dr. Manoj Pillai appealed for voting on this matter and wanted to count the online  members opinion.
The matter was put to vote.The house decided in favour of elections against the single vote of dissent.
Dr. Balachandran Nair  suggested to conduct Elections in the GBM as this is the first GBM of the year and should be considered Annual GBM. He also urged the house to call for nominations and complete the election process if there are no contests. Dr. Manoj Pillai informed the house that he has a panel to contest the elections.
It was informed by the President that the GBM was called to discuss about elections and the Election notification has not yet been made.
Dr. Balachandran Nair asked the President and house to declare Election officer to initiate the Election process.
Dr. Amel Antony suggested the name of senior member Dr. Govindan Nair, Dr. Venugopal and Dr. Abhilash seconded it.
As there was no other names proposed, Dr. Govindan Nair was declared appointed as Election Officer for the year 2021 – 22 by the General body.
The house discussed the mode of conduct of elections and entrusted the Election officer to do the best in the given circumstances.
Dr. Govindan Nair assured the house that he will soon initiate the election process and inform the members.
President raised an important issue regarding purchase of Radiology equipments by non radiology departments in medical colleges.
Dr. Kesavadas  put forward following suggestions regarding the wrong practice of radiology equipment purchase by non- radiology departments
IRIA should inform the following to the Health Minister and Health Secretary of state.
1. All diagnostic reports of MRI, CT, conventional radiological procedures and diagnostic angiography procedures (except cardiology) should be reported by a qualified Radiologist.
2. Purchase of the radiological equipment – CT, MRI , mammography, DSA in public hospitals should be done through the radiology department. This will prevent unwanted purchase of these costly equipment in every department and division of the hospital. There is also a possibility of under-utilization if purchased in every department incurring loss to public money.
3. Teaching institutions conducting post graduate programs in Radiology/ Radio-diagnosis should include reporting of these diagnostic techniques in the respective hospital by radiology residents under supervision of radiology teachers .
4. IRIA may need to seek the help of judiciary as well if required.
Dr. M. C. J. Prakash proposed formation of a subcommittee to address this issue immediately .
Following members were included in the subcommittee to address the issue.
Dr. Kesavadas, Dr. Balachandran Nair, Dr. Amel Antony, Dr. V. R. Rajendran Dr. M. C. J. Prakash, Dr. Praveen, Dr. Rahul K. R. and Dr. Ajay Alex were included in the subcommittee.
There being nothing further to discuss, Secretary proposed the vote of thanks to all those who attended the GBM.
Dr. Rijo Mathew
Secretary, IRIA Kerala.