Aug 2019 Monthly Meeting

Date: August 27TH,2019
Venue: IMA House, Conference Hall (3RD Floor), Cochin
Time: 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Presidential Address: Dr. M. R. Balachandran Nair  ( President, Cochin IRIA)
About the programme: Dr. Rajesh Kannan  ( Academic co – ordinator)
Case presentation: Dr. Rebin Bose, Dr. Sandeep Sojan  ( SR. MOSC)
Introduction to team Radiology (MOSC): Dr. Rajeev Anand ( Prof & HOD)
Scientific Session: 
Our subspeciality based studies
Neuro  & Vascular Interventions: Dr. Jijo Joseph (Asst. Prof.) Guide : Dr. Anand M . ( Associate prof.)
Female /Fetal imaging and Interventions: Dr. Durllav J Dutta (SR.) Guide : Dr. Anu Sarah Easo (Asst. prof.)
MSK / Body imaging and Non vascular Interventions: Dr Arun Prasad (SR.) Guide : Dr. Rajeev Anand . ( Prof & HOD)
Technical talk: Bayer pharmaceuticals.
Vote of thanks: Dr. Mariam Eapen (Prof.)
Organization matters: Dr. Amel Antony (Vice president, IRIA)
Conclusion Remarks: Dr. Rijo Mathew (Secretary, State IRIA)
Event organized by Department of Radio Diagnosis MOSC Medical College, Ernakulam
Supported by BAYER Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Rajesh Kannan
Academic co – ordinator
IRIA Kochi