Beyond Radiology

A column on radiologists of IRIA  Kerala who have diverse interests and hobbies

Oscillating between monitors and reports – life of a radiologist can be tiring and exhausting.

But some step out from this rigmarole and take a detour to pursue their passion.

This column is about such people who have made a mark in their own field but also,

have kept the fire burning in their bellies to take up activities close to their hearts.

Can a radiologist holding a probe be comfortable with a shovel?

Or a radiologist who sees and interprets images on a monitor be comfortable shooting films?

The answer for the above questions is a firm YES.

If you are to believe the radiologists whom we are going to get acquainted with, will tell us.


  1. Dr Bhavendu D L, Tiruvananthapuram
  2. Dr. Deepak Jain, Kozhikode