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The Netmeeting place for all radiologists visiting this site .Discussion subject to scrutiny by webmaster / editor .Only Imaging or organisation related topics please.
This is a unique facility whereby any member can upload quality images to discuss or share their case, observations, experiences.
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ECM Meeting
July 03, 2016
Dear Member,

     An emergency Executive Committee Meeting is convened on  3/7/2016  at IMA House , Kochi.  Meeting begins by 10.30 am


1)   Recent issues evolved out of communication with Central IRIA regarding conduct of IRIA 2015, Kochi.

2)   Accounts and Audit    Current status of IRIA  Kerala state

3)   Any other matter with permission of Chair

   Dr Sandeep TK                                             Dr Manoj T Pillai 

    President                                                       Secretary                                                                
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